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Tealights - Singles

Tealights - Singles

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  • single tealight
  • each tealight has a burn time of 4-5 hours
  • 1.9cm (0.75") h x 3.8cm (1.5") d

Available as a refill or with holder:

  • refill (no holder)
  • with tin holder
  • with glass holder

Beeswax tealights are wonderfully versatile, affordable and convenient.  Great for setting the mood, relaxing in the bathtub and even to keep in your emergency kit!  Beeswax tealights provide a warm, natural glow and a mild, pleasant honey aroma safe for folks with scent sensitivities. 

Check out our Baker's Dozen Tealights for a better price if you want more than one tealight!

TIPS: Keep in mind that beeswax burns hotter than other candles, so take caution using them in essential oil diffusers and potpourri warmers.  Tealights liquefy while burning and are most economic when burned in tealight holders.  If you don't have your own tealight cups you can start with a set that includes tin holders or glass holders, which you can then re-use, or you can purchase glass holders individually in our accessories section.  You can visit our blog for candle container cleaning tips!

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