Queens & Nucs

I am now accepting reservations for 2024 nucs! Read on for details.

Huckleberry Hives began with our first year of ORHBS program testing in 2019. For those who don't know, ORHBS stands for Ontario Resistant Honey Bee Selection and involves testing breeder hives for disease resistance. As I continue with my breeding program I intend to participate in ORHBS testing every season, and have done so since 2019. In addition to ORHBS, I breed for gentleness and follow integrated pest management strategies learned from the Ontario Beekeeper's Association Tech-Transfer Program and OMAFRA's beekeeping resources in order to produce healthy bees with the best chances of surviving not only our Canadian winters but also the variety of environment and disease stressors our beehives face. I do not breed for any specific race of bees, rather I focus on selection for phenotypic traits that indicate genetic strengths. 

Mated queens and nucleus colonies are seasonal and only available for pickup in Gads Hill, ON. Please contact myself, Jodi, directly at sales@huckleberryhives.ca to set up your queen or nuc order. Pricing is listed below and subject to change year-to-year without notice.

$55.00 Mated Queen: queen will be marked and in a queen cage with minimum of 4 attendant workers. 

$285.00 4-Frame Nucleus Colony: 4 frames of bees and a mated queen, following the OBBA (Ontario Bee Breeder's Association) standard for quality.*  

*The OBBA’s standard for a 4 frame nuc is as follows:

• Queen bee

• 2 frames of brood, ½ to ⅔ capped, with adhering bees

• 1 frame of feed with adhering bees

• 1 frame of foundation/empty comb 

• Extra bees to ensure the brood will be kept warm