The Story of Huckleberry Hives

beekeeperHello! My name is Jodi and I am the beekeeper of Huckleberry Hives. The story of how I ended up here begins with helping my brother at Nith Valley Apiaries during the summers between my years at University of Guelph. I enjoyed interacting with customers and telling them as much as I knew about honey, which at that time, was little. As customers asked me questions, I began researching so that I would know the answer next time. This lead me into the wonderful world of bees, and as I learned I grew more and more fascinated. I began working with the bees, not just the honey and honey consumers!                                                                                                I pursued my desire by working with my brother in his bee-yards and taking a queen-rearing course to learn all about grafting larvae for rearing new queens. While I was given this opportunity because my brother did not have enough time to do his queen rearing on his own, it turns out to be one of my passions. I really enjoy the science-y grafting and manipulations of the natural processes within the hive that result in new queens that can be used to make new beehives!
     Fast forward to now; I have taken a bee breeding course and am beginning my own queen and nuc business in Perth County, Ontario.  My mission is to produce quality Ontario queens and nucs that follow the Ontario Resistant Honey Bee Selection (ORHBS) program and are selected for disease resistance and gentleness.
     In addition to bee breeding, I've also learned how to make beeswax candles and lip balms, and will continue to learn about the processes required to sustainably harvest and prepare other hive products such as pollen and propolis for human consumption. Self-employment is a move that is both daunting and exhilarating for me! I hope that you will support my journey in whatever way you can, whether purchasing one of my products or sharing with someone you know.
     Stay buzzy!