Collection: Beeswax Candles

Beeswax is a natural air purifier and has many health benefits, making it the best choice for candles in the home. In addition to this, beeswax is the hardest natural wax, which results in burning times that are 2 or 3 times longer than other candle waxes and therefore much better bang for buck!

I hand-pour each of my candles with beeswax from my own hives, and when I run out I source local beeswax from several neighboring apiaries. All of my candles are 100% natural beeswax and I test burn each candle type to ensure I have paired it with the correct wick size. For all candles made with dyed wax, I use natural EVO dyes that are vegetable oil based and Prop 50 + REACH Compliant. If you are interested in customized colours for any candles, feel free to reach out - I am happy to see what I can do. 

I value creating quality products for you to enjoy in your home. You can read more about the benefits of beeswax and how to get the most out of your candles on my blog.