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  • rustic pillar 3.5" x 3"
  • rustic pillar candles
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Rustic Heritage Pillars

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  • 2.3" diameter x 5" tall, approximate burn time 85-90 hours
  • 2" diameter x 6" tall, approximate burn time 85-90 hours
  • 3.5" diameter x 3" tall, approximate burn time 70-80 hours
These pillars have a beautiful rustic appeal and long economic burn times for folks who like to have a candle burning for hours at a time. Beeswax candles have a natural sweet honey scent that does not irritate allergies and purifies the air.
TIP: Most pillar candles need to burn for a minimum of 3 hours at a time in order to allow the burn pool to expand to the edge of the candle. It is recommended to allow 3 hours for your first burn, and note when the melt pool reaches to within 8mm of the edges of the candle. This will provide you with a minimum burn time for that candle.