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Lady Apple Candle

Lady Apple Candle

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  • 1.5" x 1"
  • approximate burn time 15 hours

We thought it would be fitting to honor this old apple in candle form so we made a mold using a real lady apple from Silver Creek Nursery, the fruit tree nursery we keep some hives at. It is a small apple, almost crab sized, so it is tiny and cute and still has a 15 hour burn time!!

🍎The Lady apple is synonymous with holidays and has a long history of use for decorating trees (ornaments or garlands) as well as use in wreath making.
🍎It is also known as Pomme d'Api - the oldest recognized apple variety under that name - originally documented during early Rome under Etruscan rule, around 700BC!!
🍎The first time it was called Lady was during the French Renaissance in 1628, and it became naturalized in America during the 1800's.

We offer these with a special tag that says one of the following three phrases: 

"You are the apple of my eye."

"Appley ever after."

"I'd apple-y be in your class forever."

We apple-y do custom phrases as well, just connect with us via our contact form, here.


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