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Sweet Heat Creamed Honey

Sweet Heat Creamed Honey

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  • 90g or 300g jars
  • creamed honey blended with garlic and hot pepper flakes 

This sweet heat honey has been creamed and blended with home-grown garlic and hot pepper flakes for a delicious spreadable texture & a kick of heat. The garlic provides a unique depth to the flavour, adding savoury umami notes. The only ingredients are honey, garlic & hot pepper flakes.

This honey is wonderful drizzled over stir fried vegetables, pan fried salmon or a homemade gourmet pizza. It's also simple and delicious paired with cheese and crackers on a cheese and charcuterie board. 

Sweet Heat Honey is a recipe designed by myself at Huckleberry Hives. It is now a collaboration between myself and my brother business, Nith Valley Apiaries, where we are producing this honey at Nith Valley Apiaries' facility using my recipe! You'll notice the label includes both of our businesses and the jar style has a signature white lid. 

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