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  • Square of honeycomb on charcuterie board with cheeses, nuts, crackers, blueberries and fresh peach
  • Honeycomb with cheese and crackers; raw honey, comb honey
  • Packaged honeycomb sits beside cheese on a wooden charcuterie board.
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Honeycomb is the most raw format of honey that can be harvested from a beehive.  My bees have built these wax combs from scratch and filled them with delicious honey from the Ellice Swamp and surrounding farmland, bringing you a unique taste of our Perth East summers and the wide variety of flowers the bees have visited. 

Sizes available are either a minimum of 140g gross weight or 300g gross weight. 

Never had honeycomb before?
Here are some tips & food pairing suggestions:
If you eat it as a small chunk without any other food pairings, you will find that the honey dissolves out and you will be left with the wax to chew on like gum (or spit out if you don't like the texture).  The wax is completely safe to swallow and acts like roughage (dietary fibre) in the digestive system. 

Honeycomb is wonderful paired with cheese and one of my favourite ways to eat it is with cheese, fruit, nuts and crackers/bread - this can be a small snack plate or a whole cheese/charcuterie board!  Other options include spreading a little butter and honeycomb on toast or english muffins.  If you cut a croissant in half and put a scant bit of butter and spread a bit of honeycomb on and then broil it for 2-3 minutes, you'll get a gooey warm treat!  And finally, a last suggestion from customers in the past: use it in your next homemade granola recipe - the wax helps the granola stick together! 

Your honeycomb can be frozen to keep the honey from crystallizing if you need to store it for awhile.  If not frozen, it will slowly crystallize over time as honey naturally does. Crystallized honeycomb can result in a very candy-like texture that is uniquely delicious, so don't be afraid if it sits for a few months!

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