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Huckleberry Hives


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Freshly harvested 2021 honeycomb!

Honeycomb is a wonderful treat, and is also the most raw and natural you can get honey as it has been moved directly from the beehive into the jar. Favourite uses include toast, chees and crackers, charcuterie boards and lightly broiled and oh-so-gooey on a croissant. 

For those who've never had this treat before, if you take a bite without other foods, the honey dissolves and is squished out of the comb as you chew. You'll be left with some beeswax, which you can chew on like gum, swallow (acts like fiber/roughage in the digestive system) or spit out if you don't like the texture. Spread onto toast or pairing with other foods makes it easy to eat wax and all.