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Honey Plants of Eastern Canada

Honey Plants of Eastern Canada

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This has become one of my favourite books to reference when I am thinking of expanding my pollinator plant patches or when I'm looking to identify a plant I've seen bees visiting.  With a wealth of practical information about each plant's nectar and pollen loads + bloom times, including charts and a good index for searching by plant names, this book is a valuable resource for beekeepers, farmers and gardeners alike!  This book is primarily focused towards the honey bee, but the information is great for all nectar foraging insects; all bees & butterflies welcome an abundance of nectar-producing plants.

Honey Plants of Eastern Canada, By R. Micheal Magnini (Author), J. J. Holtom (Author)
Softcover, 108 pages, ISBN: 978-0-9877299-2-7 

Added bonus: purchase of this book funds research projects in Cape Breton to enhance productivity and survivability of Apis mellifera and related species. (See photo of back of book for further details!)

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