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  • large beeswax gnome candle with red hat, gnome decor
  • DIY gnome decorating kit - image shows decorated gnome candles and bag of wax that comes in the DIY kit
  • 3 small gnome candles with red hats, pure beeswax, gnome decor
  • DIY decorating kit - ideas for additional items to collect around your house help shape wax
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Gnomes with Red Hats

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These gnome pillars are some of the cutest holiday decor (in my opinion)! They come in plain yellow beeswax with a red hat, which is dipped on with dyed red wax. 

Both sizes of gnome have the option of adding a DIY Hat Decorating Kit which includes a muslin bag with wax in red, orange, yellow, green blue and purple + instructions. Note: For the DIY Kits, you may want to collect a few extra items to use to shape the wax, as outlined in the included instructions (also see last product image).

Large Gnome:

  • 8.5cm wide and 5.5 cm deep by 10.5 cm tall (3.38" wide, 2.125" deep by 4.125" tall)
  • burn time coming soon! estimated 15-20 hours but wasn't tracked during wick size test burn

Small Gnome:

  • 6cm wide by 9cm tall (2.25" x 3.5")
  • burn time coming soon! estimated 10-15 hours, but wasn't tracked during wick size test burn