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  • Jars of cutting board rub sitting on a stack of cutting boards. Kitchenware, board butter, wooden cutting boards
  • An open jar of board rub sits beside a soft buffing cloth for applying the butter to wooden cutting boards to condition the wood.
  • Jar of cutting board rub sits with lid off on top of a kitchen cutting board.
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Cutting Board Rub

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Made by Nith Valley Apiaries with their own beeseax and mineral oil, this cutting board rub makes an old board look new again! This jars size supplies enough wax to condition wooden cutting boards multiple times over - I just used it on 4 in the included photo, and the jar hardly has a dent in it. 

  • 80g jar
  • Beeswax + mineral oil

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Susan B
Everything arrived in pristine condition

Everything I ordered from Huckleberry Hives arrived in pristine condition. My first order was also quickly shipped, and a wonderful surprise for my son who is a big fan of honeycomb.

Thank you Jody!