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New Beekeeper Guidebook

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This product comes in PDF rather than a physical copy. It is a quick-start guide for folks who are:
  • considering beekeeping and want to know a bit more about what it will take and what to think about before taking the plunge
  • have reserved their 1st nuc and want to get ahead on planning for their first beekeeping season
This guidebook references the Ontario Beekeeper's Manual and I recommend using it in conjunction with the Ontario Beekeeping Manual, however it can stand-alone to get you started and offers other valuable, free sources of information that are relevant and accurate to Ontario beekeeping for learning more. 
Topics covered include:
  • suggested gear for beginning
  • how to transport and install a nuc
  • how to inspect your hive
  • recordkeeping tips and tricks
  • recommended learning for hive pests and diseases 
  • how to prepare for & winterize your hive