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Cactus Candle

Cactus Candle

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  • 2.5" x 5.5"
  • approximate burn time 60 hours
  • Note: our cactus candles are always green, but the shade varies between batches - some are mossy green while others are a darker forest green.

Bring on the cactus puns! We have curated a selection of fun tags to choose from for these prickly babes, or you can let us know your own pun and we'll make a custom tag! From supporting the ladies in your life and getting your flirt on to apologizing because you messed up, we have you covered. 

We offer the following phrases, or you can contact us here to request a custom phrase.

  • "Chicks before Pricks"
  • "You prickle my fancy."
  • "Cact-i + cact-you = cact-us"
  • "You're pretty sharp!"
  • "I'm sorry. I'm a prick." 
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