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Are you thinking of beginning beekeeping? We are working with our sibling businesses to bring you a trifecta of exciting collaboration between Silver Creek Nursery, Nith Valley Apiaries, & Huckleberry Hives!! Please read on for a plethora of details:

Sat May 20th, 9am-12:30pm

Nith Valley Apiaries, 1041 Christner Road, New Hamburg, ON, N3A 3K7

Join professional beekeepers Jodi and Mike, plus 9 other bee enthusiasts for a morning of bees, nature, and connection!

Attendees will meet at Nith Valley Apiaries on Saturday May 20th at 9:00am and get their information package. We will provide a short intro to bees + safety guidelines. You will then follow Mike and Jodi to a local bee yard where they will then each demonstrate how to do a hive inspection. Following this you will have the opportunity to inspect a hive on your own while Jodi & Mike walk among attendees answering questions/guiding you in your inspection. You will fill out a hive inspection log to practice record-keeping and become familiar with what to look for in your own hive (several sample log styles will be included in our info package). Additionally we will discuss mite and pest management, general care during the first year, and how to test varroa mite levels, all followed by a Q&A period. 

At noon we head back to home base (Nith Valley Apiaries) and collect your empty hive box plus 11 potted trees and bushes grown at Silver Creek Nursery in Wellesley - including 3 heritage apple trees! By the end of the morning, you will have the knowledge and resources you need to support your own healthy hive and you can go home, plant all the things + prepare your hive boxes. Then on May 27th (or arrange a time that suits), you'll come back and pick up your very own nucleus bee colony! 

Cost (full bundle, visit end of page for additional options):
$1500+HST/bundle; you may bring a partner, friend or child at additional $30/head. Bee suits are available for rent at $10/suit. Additional heads and bee suit rentals must be organized separately from your online ticket purchase, please read the Additional Head Option + Bee Suit Rentals section below.
SPECIAL NOTE: Want to save $40.00 on the bundle deal? Connect with Jodi at to set up your ticket purchase and pay by e-transfer! Because you will be saving us the payment processing fees by paying e-transfer, we can pass that on to you as a $40.00 discount!

Your $1500 bundle includes: 
  • attendance space for 1 person (all attendees must sign a waiver and bring their own bee suit or rent one)
  • 3hrs learning, including hands on hive inspection + discussion on care in the first year and mite/pest management - you will get to do an inspection start-to-finish on one of our hives, while we walk among attendees guiding your inspection
  • 1st year guidebook created by Huckleberry Hives & Nith Valley Apiaries + Ontario Beekeepers Manual
  • 11 potted bee-friendly trees/shrubs + seed mix + planting instructions from Silver Creek Nursery (plant list is below)
  • 1 set of hive equipment (bottom board, deep super, inner cover, outer cover, 4 frames with plastic foundation + 2 drawn comb frames)
  • 1 x 4-frame nucleus bee colony (to be picked up at Nith Valley Apiaries on May 27th or after)
  • additional supplies for your nuc: 1 x pollen patty + 1 x 16oz Mason Jar of sugar syrup to stimulate their comb production & expansion into their new home (you can purchase your own hive feeder to put the syrup in, or we can show you a simple method that uses the mason jar with several minor modifications)
Additional Head Option + Bee Suit Rentals:
If you are planning to work with a partner, friend or your child to maintain your beehive, you can reserve an extra-head spot at $30 for them to attend the workshop with you! Please contact us to confirm your extra head reservation via email to or phone Jodi at 519-274-2689. You may also use this contact info to set up a bee-suit rental reservation at $10/suit. 
  • We will collect payment for bee suit rentals and extra heads in cash at the beginning of the event.
  • Please note: bee-suits/protective equipment are not included in the additional head fee, you may rent one of our suits for $10.
  • We have several children's suits available to rent, however, we recommend any children attending this workshop be a minimum of 10 years old, though we leave this at your discretion of what your child can handle. 
Plant List (1 of each per bundle, value approximately $450):
  • Silver Maple Seedling
  • Northern Catalpa Seedling
  • Staghorn Sumac Seedling
  • Pink Pearl Apple
  • Miki Life Apple
  • Novamac Apple
  • Pussy Willow Seedling
  • Butternut Seedling
  • Juliet Dwarf Sour Cherry
  • Rugosa Rose
  • Jerusalem Artichoke/Sunchoke
  • 150g package of Silver Creek Nursery Beneficial Insect Seed Mix
  1. Limited bee suits available for rental, please connect with us to arrange your bee-suit or bee-jacket rental if desired. You are more than welcome to bring your own bee suit. For bee biosecurity, we will provide our own hive tools for use during the hive inspection. 
  2. This event WILL run during mild cloudy/rainy weather. The hive inspection portion will be rescheduled in the case of severe weather, at the professional beekeepers' discretion.
Additional Bundle Options:
  1. Pollinator Plants + Full Workshop: $1000+HST; this option includes all of the plants from Silver Creek Nursery + the full workshop from Bee Talk to Hive Inspection. You can use one of our bee suits at no extra charge (please connect with Jodi to reserve your size). You will receive a copy of the 1st year guidebook + Ontario Beekeepers Manual, but this option does not include any bees or beekeeping equipment. 
  2. Pollinator Plants + Bee Talk (hive inspection demonstration NOT included): 330.00+HST; this option includes all of the plants from Silver Creek Nursery + attendance at the talk portion of the workshop, from 9am-10am. You will receive an e-copy of the 1st year guidebook to help guide you as you learn more about bees before jumping in. 
  3. Sunchoke + Bee Talk (hive inspection demonstration NOT included): $65+HST; this option includes the bee talk from 9am-10am on May 20th at Nith Valley Apiaries. You will also recieve a potted sunchoke to take home, and an e-copy of the 1st year guidebook to help direct you to additional resources before you take the plunge into beekeeping. 
  4. Sunchoke + Full workshop: $350.00+HST; this option includes a potted sunchoke + the full workshop from Bee Talk to Hive Inspection. You can use one of our bee suits at no extra charge (please connect with Jodi to reserve your size). You will receive an e-copy of the 1st year guidebook to help guide you as you learn more about bees before jumping in, but this option does not include hardcopy books or any bees or beekeeping equipment.