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How can I attend a Buzz About Bees tour?

  • Buzz About Bees is a special event offered by Huckleberry Hives' beekeeper, Jodi, on various dates throughout the beekeeping season from late May through to the end of July. Occasionally the beekeeper may decide to offer events in August, however, August and September are months when the bees are more reactive due to having lots of honey to protect, making late season tours more of a safety risk even when everyone wears protective gear. Additionally, August and September are very important months for getting honey bees ready for winter and ensuring their health; thus, as a one-woman business, Huckleberry Hives may need to focus solely on the bees. Buzz About Bees events are over for the 2023 season. 

Can I book a private hive tour?

  • Depending on the desired timeframe and beekeeper availability, yes you can. Private hive tours are offered at a base fee of $350 for groups from 1-12 people. A private hive tour includes a bee talk and hive inspection. Additional activities can be included at additional cost. Please contact Huckleberry Hives via the contact page for more information. As per the above Buzz About Bees events, there is no private hive tour availability left for 2023. 

What should I bring or wear to a Buzz About Bees Tour?

  • It is recommended to wear (or bring along) close-toed shoes and loose, long pants. While bee suits are provided, they are very hot and some folks may prefer to stay cooler by wearing pants and a bee jacket. Please be aware that most normal summer clothing and also bee suits are not bee-sting proof. Bees can still sting through a bee suit, which is usually cotton. This is why it is recommended to choose loose clothing and a loose bee suit, so that the suit is not pressed against one's body. 
  • You may want to bring your own water bottle or snacks. Buzz About Bees tours are usually 2 hours long. Water is provided, and you are welcome to bring your own drinks or snacks as well. 
  • You are also very welcome to bring a camera and take photos during the tour! 

Can I change my tour date after purchasing?

  • Yes! The software used to process and track tour tickets does allow Huckleberry Hives to adjust your date via the back-end. Please contact Jodi via the contact form or business phone number if you need to adjust your tour date. **Note: this can only be done up to 48 hours before your tour. 

What happens if the weather is poor for my tour date?

  • If the weather forecast is looking concerning during the week leading up to your tour, Jodi will be contacting you via email to keep you updated on any ongoing weather decisions. Tours may be cancelled as close as 12 hours before the event, so please watch your emails. If a tour is cancelled due to weather issues, you will be given a store credit in the value of your tour ticket, which can be used for another tour or any other store products. 



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