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2021 Crop - Ellice Swamp Honey

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This wildflower honey originates from our hives beside the Ellice swamp. This season it was collected from mid-summer blossoms such as borage, clover, alfalfa, zinnias, joe-pye weed and lots more! Delicious!

The Ellice swamp, formerly known as the Huckleberry Ellice swamp for the huckleberries that grew there, is now a provincially significant wetland and one of Perth County’s largest natural areas. We love having our hives beside this natural gem.

Each year we decide whether to harvest honey based on the bees' production and what they need for their winter stores.

  • 350g, 500g and 1kg Jars are available while quantities last.
  • 3kg pail (white plastic) also available - LOCAL PICKUP ONLY!
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