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Guided Hive Inspection Workshop

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Come out and get a walk-through of how a typical hive inspection goes and what you should be looking for during your inspection!

To begin, we'll take 20 minutes to talk through what we are going to look for with pictures. Then I will demonstrate how I do a single brood chamber hive inspection from start to finish, followed by a nuc installation. After this we'll split into pairs of 2 and you will install a nucleus colony into it's new home and fill out an inspection log for that nuc, just the way you would when installing your first nucleus colony. Bee suits and gloves will be provided, though you are welcome to bring your own. Due to my IPM (Integrated Pest Management) protocol, hive tools will be provided, please do not bring your own.

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop will run even if it is a bit cloudy or looking like rain. If the forecast is calling for severe weather, it will be rescheduled to Sunday, May 28th, 2023 at the same time at the beekeeper's discretion.

You may also choose to include the following take-homes (select Guest + Take-Home Items ticket):

  • printed, spiral-bound copy of my New Beekeeper Guidebook + the Ontario Beekeeper's Manual for further reading and guidance as you begin your beekeeping journey
  • several log printouts to get you started with your own hives, and which you can photocopy to keep logs all season 
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