basket full of gourds and candles
bottle gourd with bottle gourd candles
crown of thorns gourd and gourd candles
pumpkin gourd candles
three plain beeswax gourd candles
three coloured beeswax gourd candles

Autumn Gourds

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  • set of 3 gourd candles
  • pumpkin gourd: 2.25" widest diameter, 1.5" tall; approximate burn time 11.5 hours
  • bottle gourd: 1.5" widest diameter, 3.5" tall; approximate burn time 8.5 hours
  • crown of thorns gourd: 2" widest diameter, 1.5" tall, approximate burn time 9 hours

These three styles of autumn gourds were made from selected gourds at Herrle's Country Farm Market in St. Agatha! The bottle gourd, "crown of thorns" gourd, and a little pumpkin gourd come as a set, available in plain beeswax or varied colours. Note: colours and patterns are unique to each candle and will vary from order to order.