20 Birthday Candles
20 Birthday Candles
rainbow beeswax birthday candles
rainbow birthday candles with russian sage flower

20 Birthday Candles

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  • set of 20
  • 2.5" tall (6.35cm tall)
  • average 15 minute burn time
  • no drips when burned indoors (i.e. with no breeze)
  • available plain or rainbow colours (rainbow candles use eco-reach dye)
  • made to order when not ahead in stock
These hand-dipped birthday candles are a treat for your birthday treat - natural, 100% beeswax is safe to consume and a perfectly natural choice for your cake. You don't need to use tiny cake candle holders, just stick these into your cake and light 'em up!!
When burned in a location indoors with no breeze these burn up to 15 minutes and have little to no drips, making them easy to re-use for multiple birthday celebrations.